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Tips to Gear-up Against the Increasing Inflation Rates

The inflation rates in India have sky-rocketed in the past few years. These inflation rates are calculated on the basis of the average increase in the cost of living or the increase in the overall prices of goods and services in the country. Now you might be wondering that how does the increasing inflation rates fit into the picture of banking and finance.

Mobiles & Smartphone Apps to Drive Personal Loan

In the next 3 years, mobiles & smartphone apps are expected to drive a majority of personal loan purchases in India. This is according to a report from the fifth study of Facebook’s ‘Zero Friction Future’ program; the same report also predicts that the sale of financial services, including personal loans, will see business worth $985 billion solely from mobile devices.

Budget’s Effect on Second-Home Loan

Purchasing a home or property is a huge investment; after all, the rising real estate prices in India are no joke. Thus, to counter the increasing prices and help the people to invest in real estate, the interim budget for the financial year 2019 has made some drastic changes in the housing loan segment. On 21st February 2019, the President of India has assented to the finance bill turning it into an act.

Will Home Loan Rates Come Down with the RBI’s

The RBI, earlier this month, reduced its repo rate by 25 BPS. The aim of the cut is to encourage and increase investment. The move was anticipated by many as inflation in the retail market grew by only 2.2% in December of 2018; this is the slowest rate of increase in the last 18 months.

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