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About Us

Smiling Groups is a Stop for all your problems. Here we try to provide the best services possible to our customers. We provide services like IT, Technology, Education, Media, Banking, Consultancy, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and many more. 

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Our Products & Services

We got you covered with the solutions in every sector possible

Smiling Hopes Foundation

Smiling Hopes Foundation is a one-stop solution for all your problems. We offer your all possible services in a service sector.


Smiling Technologies Includes Web Developers, Designers, Programmers, And Graphic Designers, and we Continuously Strive To Develop…..


Smiling Kart is a multivendor E-commerce website which have the high quality products and a stop for vendors to sell their products online


Smiling Education is a college directory where we have listed top colleges of India for the students who are likely to pursue higher education


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We’ve been the partner to thousands of people like you with whom we’ve partnered to help build their Businesses and Careers – so you can focus on what’s important.

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